Installing OpenJDK 7 on Ubuntu Natty (PPA method) (Edited)

Damien published on
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Tags: Ubuntu

Edit 2011-11-30 : this PPA is now deprecated as OpenJDK7 is available in Ubuntu Oneiric repositories.

Many methods to install OpenJDK 7 on Ubuntu can be found on the Net :

  • this PPA, but very old
  • this method by downloading OpenJDK from Oracle's website, but you need to do the same thing on each of your computers.

OpenJDK 7 is "natively" available on Ubuntu Oneiric (11.10), but is not and won't be on Natty (11.04). But I need it now on Natty and I don't want to install it manually on each of my computers. More, I want a transparent migration when I will upgrade to Ubuntu Oneiric on next October.

So I decided to backport OpenJDK 7 Oneiric package to Natty and the result is available here :

Add this ppa:dlecan/openjdk to your Ubuntu and install openjdk-7-jre or openjdk-7-jdk.

I will support this ppa as long as I will upgrade to Ubuntu Oneiric.

Enjoy !